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Operating in a truly remote and unique part of Cape York Peninsula, Aurukun Wetland Charters invite you to join us on the magnificent waterways of Aurukun and the Wik and Wik Way people.

Aurukun is located on the western coast of Cape York at the junction of three pristine rivers - the Archer, the Watson and the Ward. Together with other river systems lying further south (the Kirk and the Love Rivers), this massive network of rivers forms the Aurukun Wetlands, one of Australia’s largest wetland areas covering 1.1 million hectares, and containing some of the best quality coastal wetland habitats in Northern Australia.

The vessel MV Pikkuw provides comfortable accommodation from which to gain a close encounter with this natural environment with a wide variety of birdlife, plants and reptiles.

It is of course, also home to the proud Wik and Wik Way people (famous for their Native Title land claim in the high Court).

On a Wetlands Tour you will join our tour guides for a unique experience of an untouched natural world, with interpretation and insight from the Wik people and their ancient culture.

Tours can be customised to suit your time frames, however we recommend a 3 night / 4 day trip, which can be varied to suit special interests. Please note that our minimum booking is for 3 passengers and maximum is 8.

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